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Review: Rotosound 1960s Reissue Fuzz

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Rotosound Fuzz – opener

The Rotosound 1960s Reissue Fuzz is a reissue of a legendary effect pedal which originally never made it to full-blown production. The great sound of the few existing pre-production prototypes, their scarcity, and the fact that this pedal has been spotted repeatedly on a certain Mr Jimmy Page’s equipment list have made this fuzz the stuff of legends.

At last year’s Musikmesse in Frankfurt Rotosound announced a limited run of 2,000 Fuzz reissues, assembled by hand at the company’s UK plant.

Rotosound Fuzz – front

Rotosound’s Fuzz (current price in Finland 349 €) is an old-school guitar effect – meaning it’s huge and built like a tank.

Rotosound Fuzz – side view

The large casing makes it possible to place the controls well out of your stomping foot’s way.

The major drawback of course is that this Fuzz takes up considerable space on your pedalboard.

Rotosound Fuzz – connectors

One in, one out – no need for anything more.

Rotosound Fuzz – bottom plate


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Review: Zoom R24

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The Zoom R24 (current street price in Finland: 479 €) is a compact and very lightweight, but still quite nifty and versatile unit: The Zoom’s main purpose is to serve as a stand-alone digital multitracker (24 tracks, recording to SD-cards), but it can also be used with a computer as an external soundcard and/or a control surface for an audio sequencer (Cubase LE 5 comes included in the box).

The R24 is ready to go wherever you want to use it, thanks to its ability to run on six AA-batteries, as well as with the included, compact power supply.

This Zoom offers eight XLR/phone-combo inputs, which equals the maximum number of simultaneous recording tracks.


Zoom have kept the R24’s signal routing deliberately spartan and easy-to-use. Each of the inputs is hardwired to its corresponding channel fader and from there on to the corresponding recording track. It’s…

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Review: Zoom Q2HD

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The Zoom Q2HD (current rrp in Finland: 205 €) is the company’s brand-new lightweight video recorder. Aside from full-HD video recording this new unit also offers MS-stereo.

In MS-stereo two different microphone types are used to create two discrete signals, called Mid and Sides. The advantages of MS are that placement of the two mics in relation to each other isn’t as critical for overall phase coherence as in other techniques, and that you can adjust the amount of room in relation to the mid-signal during mixing.

Classic MS-stereo uses a cardioid microphone for picking up the mid-signal with a bidirectional mic turned 90 degrees (= shooting sideways) to record the side-sound. You will get a stereo sound picture from these two discrete signals by “decoding” them: The mid-mic’s signal will be sent to the mixing console and panned dead centre. The sides-mic’s signal must be split…

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Review: Zoom MS-50G

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The Zoom Corporation’s super-compact 9000-series digital multieffects caused quite a stir in the early 1990s. The company’s recent Zoom MultiStomp MS-50G (current rrp in Finland: 99 €) carries on this heritage by managing to squeeze most of the large Zoom G5’s processing power (reviewed in August 2012) into one regular-size single pedal.


It may sound unbelievable, but it really is true – this small box holds in store a whopping 50 memory slots for your own effect patches. Each effect patch can consist of a signal chain of up to six different effects. The MS-50G offers you 55 different effect types to choose from – featuring everything from compressors and modulation effects all the way to distortions, amp modelling and whacky special effects. Naturally, the MultiStomp also comes equipped with a digital tuner.

The Zoom MS-50G’s metal casing and its single foot switch feel…

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Review: Zoom G5

g5-angle1 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

The Zoom G5 (current price in Finland: 265 €) is the Japanese company’s brand-new flagship guitar effect pedalboard.

The easy-to-use G5 is built with the same user interface as the smaller G3 and B3 units, which were reviewd by earlier. When in Home-view – that is when the single effects making up an effect patch are shown in the unit’s displays – the Zoom works just like like a pedalboard containing separate effects: Each effect has its own display showing an icon that gives you a good idea of the type of effect in use, and the most important parameters can be adjusted directly via three control knobs beneath each display.

The Zoom G5 broadens this idea by offering up to nine effects per patch, even though the unit only has four sets of displays, knobs and footswitches. This problem is solved by using the Scroll-buttons above the…

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Review: Zoom G3

img_1386-1280x960 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

The Zoom G3 (current price in Finland: 213 €) represents a change in the basic functionality of compact Zoom-pedals. Up until now the pedals were built with an architecture based on pre-configured effect-chains as the basis of all effect-patches.

There wasn’t anything wrong with doing it this way, it only made the user experience a little clumsy and non-intuitive.

The new G3 changes all that by giving the user a floor effect that feels like three independent pedals side-by-side. But while three conventional stand-alone pedals tend to offer only one single effect per pedal, each of the G3’s three sections is a full-blown multieffect filled to the brim with tasty amp simulations and guitar effects.

The back panel really takes full care of all your connection needs, even offering a balanced xlr-output, as well as a usb-port for effect-patch exchange using a computer (PC/Mac) or for using the G3…

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Review: Zoom B3

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The red Zoom B3 (current price in Finland: 219 €) is a multi-effect for bass, and the bass equivalent of Zoom’s grey G3 guitar pedal.

Both effect boards are based on the same user-friendly interface and they share their basic structure. Central to the B3 is the idea to combine a huge palette of different effects with the ease-of-use of three traditional single-effect pedals side-by-side.

The Zoom B3’s offers astounding flexibility: each of the pedal’s three sections offers a whopping 111 different effect types, which can be assigned freely according to taste and personal requirements. The selection of effect types, as well as adjusting their parameters, is fast and easy thanks to the pushbuttons above each display, as well as the control knobs below the displays.

A chain of three effects is called a patch in Zoom-speak, with the B3 offering 100 freely programmable memory slots for…

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Review: Yamaha Pacifica 611H

yamaha-pacifica-611h-e28093-body-angle – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


When Yamaha introduced the first Pacifica-model, way back in the 1990s, no-one would have thought that this guitar would become such a runaway success, spawning a whole range of Pacificas over the years. Originally the Pacifica was developed as a sort of test instrument by Yamaha’s West Coast Custom Shop, with its fathers being Rich Lasner and Leo Knapp.

Over the years different guitars have carried the Pacifica monicker, but most Pacificas were (and still are) loosely related to the Strat – just like the current top production-line model, the Pacifica 611H.


Unbelievable as it may sound: This beauty of a guitar comes out of Yamaha’s Indonesian factory, which explains the Yamaha Pacifica 611H‘s very moderate price (current price at F-Musiikki 595 €).

The Pacifica sticks with traditional tonewoods: The bolt-on neck has been carved from hard rock maple and carries a rosewood fingerboard. The body is almost…

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Review: Yamaha CG142C + NTX900FM


yamaha-ntx900fm-e28093-full-front – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

There’s surprisingly little information available on the net when it comes to classical/nylon-string guitars.

Now comes to the rescue:

Yamaha’s C- and CG-series instruments are the best-selling classical guitars in Finland. We selected a solid cedar -topped Yamaha CG142C for this review.

The Yamaha NTX900FM is a very interesting hybrid model – a nylon-string with a pickup and preamp system, as well as a narrower-than-classical nut width.


Typical of the company’s output, Yamaha’s CG142C (current street price in Finland approx. 300 €) is an extremely clean piece of work with the understated charm of a classical guitar. All CG-series guitars are build with solid tops – spruce-topped models have an “S” suffix to their name, while cedar models are denoted with a “C” at the end of their model name.

The neck, as well as the body’s back and rims, has been crafted from nato-wood. Nato is…

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Review: Yamaha CPX1000 + APX1200


yamaha-apx1200-e28093-full-front – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Yamaha’s CPX- ja APX-lines have received new additions recently in the form of Chinese-made top models carrying the model numbers of 1000 and 1200, respectively.

Kitarablogi picked up a Mini-Jumbo-bodied CPX1000…

…as well as a shallow-bodied APX1200.


Yamaha’s CPX-series – which is also known as the Compass-series – originally was designed to appeal to the Country fraternity in the States. As a result of the APX-range’s success in the 1990s many Country pickers got in touch with the company, and asked for a larger, showier sister model, equipped with the same pickup and preamp, but featuring a fatter neck profile. And Yamaha duly obliged…

The brand-new CPX1000 (current rrp in Finland: 869 €, available in limited numbers) sure is a pretty thing: The solid spruce top is finished in a fetching Brown Sunburst, with the same deep shading applied to the back which is made from laminated…

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