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Review: Hehku Custom Nightingale 15 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Hehku Nightingale 15 – opener

From a guitarist’s standpoint, Finland truly is the land where milk and honey flow. In relation to its tiny population Finland is home to an unbelievable number of first-rate guitar-, effects- and amp-makers.

One such boutique-level amp brand is Hehku Customs from the town of Pori (on the western coast). Hehku’s team consists of chief designer Jarmo Välimäki, as well as Markku Penttilä and Juha Heljakka, who are in charge of R & D, sales and marketing.

There are several examples of different custom amps the company has built on Hehku’s website. Prices for custom amps start at about roughly 1,300 €. Hehku Custom’s cabinet sizes and shapes are standardised, but all other details can be tailoured to each customers wishes and requirements. “The basic idea is that we want to make our customers’ wildest dreams come true!” says Jarmo Välimäki.


Hehku Nightingale 15 – full front

Kitarablogi got a 15-watt Hehku Nightingale 15…

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Review: Blackstar ID:Core 20 + 40 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Blackstar IDCore 20 + 60 – opener

Earlier this year, Blackstar Amplification have released their new ID:Core series, which comprises three stereophonic practice amps (at the moment of writing).

Blackstar’s ID:Core combos are powered by the same modelling technology used in the company’s full-blown ID-series. The ID:Core amps simply take this technology to a smaller format.

Kitarablogi had the pleasure of testing the new series’ middle model – the ID:Core 20 (2 x 10 W) – as well as the largest member of the ID:Core family – the ID:Core 40 (2 x 20 W).


Blackstar ID_Core 20 – beauty 1

The Blackstar ID:Core 20  (current price in Finland:149 €) comes equipped with a pair of five-inch speakers.

Blackstar ID_Core 40 – beauty 1

The larger Blackstar ID:Core 40 combo (current price in Finland:195 €) uses two 6.5-inch speakers to get its message across.

Except for the differences in power amp-, cabinet- and speaker-sizes, the rest of the specifications are identical…

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Review: Tokai ES-138/SR • ES-145G/BB • ES-162/TB – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Tokai ES-162 – and case

Tokai Guitars have a well-earned reputation for making high-quality electric guitars and basses, often “inspired” by vintage designs. This time we got three semis from the very top of Tokai’s Japanese model range for review.


Tokai ES-138SR – full front

The Tokai ES-138 (current price in Finland: 1.368 €, incl. hard case) is the company’s version of a 1958 Gibson ES-335, available in either see-through red or piano black.

Tokai ES-145G – full front

Tokai’s ES-145G(current price in Finland: 1.431 €, incl. hard case) is a lightly updated variation on the theme, which comes equipped with gold-coloured hardware and a black finish.

Tokai ES-162TB – full front

The Tokai ES-162(current price in Finland: 1.628 €, incl. hard case) is the most expensive model of the three on review. The ES-162 comes with post-1962 style small block markers, brass bridge saddles, and a light aluminium stopbar. The icing on the cake is this models’ vintage-style nitrocellulose finish – you can choose…

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Review: Roland Cube-10GX – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog



The new Roland Cube-10GX approaches the company’s popular Cube-concept from a slightly different angle.



The 10-watts Roland Cube-10GX (Finnish price approx. 125 €) slots into the model range right between the 3-watt Micro Cube GX and the 20-wattCube-20GX combo.

Despite its very affordable price, the 10GX is built as sturdily as the larger Cube models, featuring chunky corner protectors, and the metal grille typical of this series.

An eight-inch speaker has been installed into the closed-back, front-ported cabinet.


The backpanel sports connections for DC In (the PSU comes included), Aux In, as well as a combined line level output/headphones jack.


The Cube-10GX combo’s architecture differs somewhat from the rest of the GX-models:

The 10GX doesn’t feature a built-in tuner or an i-Cube-Link, like the rest of the GX-models, but offers a much more open way of offering its COSM-generated amp models.


The Cube-10GX lets…

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Review: DigiTech HardWire Supernatural – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Digitech Hardwire Supernatural – angled w LED

Digitech’s new Hardwire Supernatural reverb pedal lays seven genuine Lexicon-reverb algorithms at your feet.


Digitech Hardwire Supernatural – top view

The Hardwire Supernatural (Finnish street price approx. 140 €) is Digitech’s newest digital reverb in pedal form.

The pedal sports three controls:

Mix is used for setting the mix of the dry and wet signals in the output. Liveliness lets you adjust the reverb’s treble content and brilliancy. The length of the delay is controlled using the Decay-knob.

The Supernatural can be used monophonically (mono signal in –> mono signal out), as well as in stereo (mono or stereo signal in –> stereo signal out). The pedal automatically detects which jacks are used at any given time and puts itself into the correct mode of operation accordingly.

Digitech Hardwire Supernatural – Stomplock

In addition to the manual, the box also includes a glow-in-the-dark sticker to put on the switch, Hardwire’s Stomplock rubber cover (which protects the controls…

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