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Review: DV Mark Multiamp

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DV Mark Multiamp – beauty shot 1

One of the hottest new products at this year’s Musikmesse was the Multiamp from Italian makers DV Mark.

The DV Mark Multiamp head niftily combines pro-quality amp and cab models with top-drawer effects and a very powerful – yet unbelievably lightweight – 500 Watt Class-D power amplifier.


DV Mark Multiamp – full angle right

The DV Mark Multiamp (current price in Finland: 1.380 €) is build to withstand serious use, yet is still manages to look elegant. The whole chassis is made from sturdy folded metal, with the front panel finished in a fetching cream white.

You can put the Multiamp on your speaker cabinet (or on your table), or install it in a 19-inch rack. DV Mark have supplied the necessary mounting brackets and screws with the amp.

DV Mark Multiamp – full back

A very quiet, brushless fan keeps the unit cool.


DV Mark Multiamp – front panel

DV Mark’s Multiamp has been designed with user-friendliness as one of the main…

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Review: LTD Elite ST-1

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LTD Elite ST-1 – beauty shot 2

There are a lot of changes in store for ESP/LTD-instruments in 2013, because ESP have decided to reshuffle and restructure their whole product range.

In future the name ESP will only appear on the headstocks of Japanese ESP Custom Shop instruments. ESP’s Standard series will be renamed E-II.

New for LTD in 2013 is their Made-in-Japan Elite series, which has been designed to offer the very best of what this brand has to offer.

Kitarablogi has received a brand-new LTD Elite ST-1 -guitar for review. The model is available in two permutations – either equipped with a rosewood ‘board neck and active EMG-pickups (LTD Elite ST-1/R EMG) or (like our review sample) sporting a maple fretboard and passive Seymour Duncan pickups (LTD Elite ST-1/M).


LTD Elite ST-1 – full front

The brand-new LTD Elite ST-1/M (1.387 €) is a stunningly beautiful guitar, which manages to blend successfully an air of timelessness with…

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Review: Mannedesign PFM + RDV

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Mannedesign – logo

Mannedesign is the more affordable, Far Eastern-produced brand of Italian company Manne Guitars.

Apart from Mannedesign’s wide array of electric guitars and basses the brand’s model range also includes several steel-string acoustics, two of which are featured in this review:

The Parlour-sized Mannedesign PFM and Roberto Dalla Vecchia’s signature-Dreadnought, the RDV.


Mannedesign PFM – full front 2

The Mannedesign PFM (660 €) is an all-solid, small-bodied instrument for the Blues-, Folk- and Roots-guitarist, who is looking for a vintage-toned guitar.

The deep and rich matte finish on the PFM’s cedar top embues the instrument with a good dose of street credibility.

Mannedesign PFM – full back 2

The mahogany neck is one-piece, save for the upper half of the headstock, and a another piece used to get the neck heel up to its full length. The neck joint is a the 12th fret, just like it was on many guitars in the 1930s.

The back and rims of the…

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