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Review: Tanglewood TU-1CE, TU-3, TU-3E & TU-5 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Tanglewood TU-3E – headstock VID

The humble ukulele’s popularity has been on the rise over the last few years, not least because these instruments are easy to carry around and plenty of fun to play.

This fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by British brand Tanglewood, who have recently broadened their range of ukes.


Tanglewood ukuleles – teaser

The quartet of ukes we’ve received for testing – the TU-1CE, the TU-3, the TU-3E and the TU-5 – are all part of Tanglewood’s mahogany-bodied Union-series.

Tanglewood TU-1CE – headstock

All Union-series ukuleles have mahogany necks with glued-on neck heels and headstocks.

The fingerboards have been crafted from rosewood.

Tanglewood – uke tuners VID

Tanglewood’s geared, open tuners work very well.

Tanglewood TU-3 – bridge

Ukuleles come with one of several different bridge designs, depending on the manufacturer.

Tanglewood has chosen the most practical ukulele bridge, which anchors the knotted string ends in little slots cut into the top of the bridge.

Tanglewood TU-3 – body beauty 2

All Union-series ukuleles have a sound box made from laminated…

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Review: Zoom H6 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Zoom H6 – perspective 1

Zoom have released their new handy recorder flagship:

The Zoom H6 is a six-track mobile recorder with exchangeable microphone modules.


Zoom H6 – package and case

Zoom’s H6 (rrp in Finland: 398 €) comes in its own carrying case.

Zoom H6 – the set

The package includes the H6 itself, two mic modules – the XYH-6 offering XY-stereo and the MSH-6 with an MS-stereo capsule – a foam windscreen, a USB-cable, four AA-size batteries and a 2 GB SD-card.

Also included is Steinberg’s Cubase LE audio-sequencer software.


At the moment the H6 is the only field recorder offering you different exchangeable mic and preamp modules.

In addition to the supplied XY- and MS-modules you can also buy Zoom’s shotgun module (SGH-6) or a module with an additional pair of XLR-/TRS-inputs (EXH-6).

Zoom H6 – accessory pack

For this review we were also supplied with Zoom’s accessory pack for the H6 (APH-6), which contains a furry windshield for outdoor recording, as well a USB-power…

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Review: Tokai ATE-33N Thinline – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Tokai ATE-33N Thinline – beauty shot 2

Tokai Guitars are known for their well-made copies of classic guitar and bass models.

The brand-new Tokai ATE-33N Thinline is part of Tokai’s more affordable Chinese-made range, and represents their version of a Thinline Tele-type guitar.


Tokai ATE-33N Thinline – full front

The Tokai ATE-33N Thinline (current price in Finland 437 €) is a real looker and will delight fans of the natural look, despite its moderate price tag.

Tokai ATE-33N Thinline – f-hole

Roger Rossmeisl – known for his classic Rickenbacker designs – hit upon the concept of the Thinline Telecaster in the late 1960s when working for Fender. The original version was made with a body which featured three large pockets routed out from the back. A separate, glued-on solid piece of wood served as the body’s back.

Tokai approaches the construction of the ATE-33N Thinline the other way around: the pockets are routed into the front of the alder body, which then receives a…

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Review: Bluetone Amps Princeton Reverb – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Bluetone Princeton Reverb – opener

Finnish boutique amp company Bluetone is yet to become a household word. Nevertheless, Bluetone’s dynamic duo of Harry Kneckt and Matti Vauhkonen have already garnered lots of praise with their all-valve designs, and the word keeps on spreading steadily.

Custom Sounds in Helsinki have recently started to stock Bluetone-amplifiers, and they were kind enough to supply Kitarablogi with a Bluetone Princeton Reverb combo for testing.


Bluetone Princeton Reverb – full front

The Bluetone Princeton Reverb (current price in Finland approx. 1,600 €) is Bluetone’s handwired – and slightly updated – version of a 1960s Fender Princeton Reverb (in its AA1164 guise). Bluetone’s improvements over the original issue include a post phase-inverter master volume (PPIMV), a larger speaker, as well as an external bias point. The Bluetone Princeton Reverb is rated at 15 Watts.

Bluetone’s Princeton is factory-equipped with a 12-inch WGS Black Hawk Alnico speaker, but you can order yours with a different…

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