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Review: Amfisound Raudus Bass – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Amfisound Guitars is a small company from the northern Finnish town of Oulu. Run by two master luthiers, Amfisound offers a surprisingly wide variety of different guitar and bass models, as well doing a lot of customising and repair jobs. Kitarablogi visited Amfisound’s workshop late last year – read all about it HERE.

Amfisound have introduced a new bass model recently, called the Raudus Bass, which is the subject of this review.


Amfisound Raudus Bass – full front

The Amfisound Raudus Bass (prices for EU-customers starting from 2,520 €) clearly takes its inspiration from Fender’s classic Jazz Bass, but this new Finnish (passive) bass offers a number of modern updates and improvements. The easiest things to notice on first sight are probably the added 21st fret and the much deeper cutaway.

Amfisound Raudus Bass – full back

The Raudus sports a body made from Finnish alder and a bolt-on maple neck.

The neck comes finished in a very thin satin…

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Review: Blackstar HT Metal 5 + HT Metal 60 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Blackstar HT Metal 60 – logo

Blackstar Amplification’s very popular HT Venue-series has recently been joined by the company’s brand-new HT Metal-range, which offers you valve amplifiers tailored specifically to the needs of Metal-guitarists.

Kitarablogi has received the compact five Watt HT Metal 5-combo – meant for use at home, for warm-up and in the studio – and the chunky three-channel, 60 Watt HT Metal 60 -combo for this review.


Blackstar HT Metal 5 – full front

The Blackstar HT Metal 5 (street price around 450 €) is based on the company’s extremely successful HT-5R-valve combo, with the new amp sharing the older model’s main architecture and push-pull power amp.

The HT Metal 5 uses two different valves to amplify your guitar signal – one is an ECC83 (aka 12AX7), the other a model 12BH7.

Instead of a woven speaker cloth – like on the HT-5R – the HT Metal 5-combo sports a very sturdy metal grille.

Blackstar HT Metal 5 – full back

The cabinet is…

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Review: Boss OD-1X + DS-1X – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

od-1x + DS-1x

Boss unveiled two Special Edition pedals at NAMM 2014. These new stompboxes are updates on two classic Boss-models, and are called the OD-1X Overdrive and the DS-1X Distortion. These deluxe versions promise more gain, a tighter attack, and an even more versatile EQ-section.



What is the difference between a fuzz, an overdrive and a distortion?

The fuzz pedal is the granddaddy of everything “brang”, and it works in a rather neanderthal way, by means of brutal transistor overload. The resulting tone of transistors clipping sounds quite edgy and fuzzy (hence the name), and tends to work much better on solos and riffs, than it does on chords. A good early example would be the memorable riff on the Rolling Stones’ hit “Satisfaction“.

The terms “overdrive” and “distortion” describe effects that try to mimick the way tube amp distortion sounds. In the beginning both terms were used as…

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Review: Italia Maranello Classic + Rimini 6 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Now Italia Guitars are finally available in Finland!

Italia is a new brand on the Finnish market, even though these guitars have been available in many EU-countries for 15 years already. Italia Guitars is the joint effort of South Korean guitar factory Mirr Music and British guitar guru Trev Wilkinson. Wilkinson’s list of achievements is long and illustrious, including inventions such as the Wilkinson-vibrato and his roller nut, as well as instrument designs for Vintage (by JHS) and his own Fret-King brand.

The basic concept behind Italia Guitars is to come up with instruments that are imbued with the quirky charm of European electric guitars from the Fifties and Sixties, but which feature up-to-date playability and reliable electronics.

Italia’s distributor in Finland is R-JAM Group.


Italia Maranello Classic – full front

The Italia Maranello Classic (price in Finland around 640 €) is this brand’s best-known model, which has even found its way into the hands (and heart)…

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