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Review: Vox Mark III + Mark V – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Vox Mark III – headstock logo

Vox’ legendary Sixties guitars, the Mark III and the Mark V – aka the Vox Teardrop (Mark III) and the Vox Phantom (Mark V) – have made a comeback! These Brit Boom-guitars have claimed their place in history as the chosen axes of the Rolling Stones’ original lead guitarist Brian Jones (Mark III) and Tony Hicks (Mark V) of the Hollies.

But the best news is that these new versions come at quite affordable prices!


Vox Mark III – full front

The Vox Mark III (current price in Finland approx. 355 €) sports a symmetrical body, which calls to mind old lutes or the Greek bouzouki.

This reissue comes with a short 22-inch scale (610 mm), making it an ideal beginner’s instrument.

Vox Mark III – full back

The Teardrop is build from a basswood body and a bolt on maple neck. The fretboard is crafted from rosewood.

Vox Mark III – headstock

The new, smaller version of the legendary Vox-headstock cuts down on neck weight…

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Review: Duesenberg D-Bass – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Duesenberg D-Bass – D-badge

German maker Duesenberg is known for its high-quality guitars and basses, that combine seamlessly Art Deco-chic and ingenious improvements in many details, such as the hardware and electronics departments.

The Duesenberg D-Bass is a good example of this, promising both P- and J-style tones from a passive, one-pickup instrument.


Duesenberg D-Bass – full front 2

The Duesenberg D-Bass (current price in Finland: 1.729,90 €) proves that you can build a bass from classic tonewoods without having to resort to copying others.

This is a four-string, passive bass, built using a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard mated to a bound alder body. The top of the body sports elegant carving.

Duesenberg D-Bass – full back 2

The generous rib cage bevel adds a great deal of comfort to the D-Bass.

The body comes in a fetching gloss finish, while the neck has received a thin, vintage-tinted satin finish.

Duesenberg D-Bass – headstock

I feel that Duesenberg’s three step headstock looks…

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