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Review: Warwick LWA 1000 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Warwick LWA 1000 – opener

German maker Warwick is offering a wide range of different bass amplifiers alongside their famous basses.

One of their newest products is the Warwick LWA 1000 – an ultra-compact, yet very powerful amp head.


Warwick LWA 1000 – front

The Warwick LWA 1000 (current price in Finland: 789 €) is small and lightweight enough (2.75 kg) to fit into many gig bags. Optionally, you can also get a rack installation kit or a padded shoulder bag for this head.

As hinted at by its name, the LWA 1000 offers you up to 1,000 Watts of power (into a 4 Ohm cabinet, 500 W into 8 Ohms). Warwick have managed to squeeze this all into a compact package by using a Class D power amplifier.

Warwick LWA 1000 – front panel inputs

Warwick’s two-channel preamp has been transplanted from their Hellborg-series, and promises to offer audiophile sound quality from its low-noise Class A circuits.

The two channels of the LWA 1000 are identical, and they…

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Review: EBS FuzzMo – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

EBS FuzzMo – top

The good people of EBS Sweden are now bringing a healthy dose of fuzz to the bassist’s toolbox.


EBS FuzzMo – angle 1

The EBS FuzzMo (current price in Finland: 169,90 €) is a fuzz-type high gain distortion developed especially for bass.

This stompbox is made in China to the EBS’ exacting standards. It’s a sturdy pedal with very positive feeling controls.

The FuzzMo can be powered in three ways:

If you use an EBS amp from the Drome-, Gorm-, HD- or TD-series, you can use a TRS-cable (aka a stereo cable) to feed phantom power from the amp to the effect pedal.

EBS FuzzMo – battery

The FuzzMo pedal also runs off a standard 9 V battery, but you will need a screwdriver to take off the base plate first.

EBS FuzzMo – angle 2

The third alternative is to employ a Boss-type power supply (9 V DC, centre negative) to fire up the stompbox.


EBS FuzzMo – controls

Even though the EBS FuzzMo looks somewhat similar…

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Review: Marshall DSL5C – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Marshall DSL5C – close-up 1

Marshall’s DSL5C combo is the newest – and smallest – member of the DSL-series.

The DSL-range has its roots in the year 1997, when Marshall introduced their – now legendary – JCM2000 Dual Super Lead -head. The JCM2000 was the first Marshall amp that combined a vintage-voiced Plexi-channel and a modern Ultra Gain -channel in one chassis.

The production run of the original DSL-series was discontinued in 2007, with the JVM-range superseding it. The new DSL-series offers the company’s most-affordable all-valve amps to date, which are produced at Marshall’s own facility in Vietnam.


Marshall DSL5C – full front

As you can easily guess by its name, the Marshall DSL5C (current street price in Finland around 520 €) is a five-Watt, two-channel combo.

In terms of its looks and the quality of its finish, this is a genuine Marshall. Quality control at the Vietnamese factory seems to as stringent as in Britain, and the combo looks great and feels well-made and sturdy.

Marshall DSL5C – full back

The DSL5C comes with…

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Review: LTD James Hetfield Snakebyte – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


LTD Hetfield Snakebyte – teaser

James Hetfield is a musician, who surely needs no introduction. He is Metallica’s frontman, singer, songwriter and guitarist, and has played a very important part in the development of the Metal genre.

James Hetfield with Snakebyte

Metallica’s guitarists – Hetfield and his colleague Kirk Hammet – have long been collaborating with ESP Guitars. The LTD James Hetfield Snakebyte is the most recent fruit of this partnership.


LTD Hetfield Snakebyte – full front

In the early years of Metallica, James Hetfield used to play a Gibsonin Explorer, and looking at his new signature model, it’s easy to conclude that this guitar legend still holds a place in his heart for angular guitars.

LTD’s James Hetfield Snakebyte (current price in Finland: 1.098 €) is an ultra-modern Metal-machine, with a clear stylistic nod to the Explorer.

LTD Hetfield Snakebyte – full back

Both the guitar’s body and set neck have been crafted from mahogany, while dark-black ebony has been chosen for this model’s fingerboard.

LTD Hetfield Snakebyte – bevelled top edge

The Snakebyte’s body…

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Review: Italia Fiorano Standard + Mondial Deluxe – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Italia Fiorano Standard – full front

The Italia Fiorano Standard (price in Finland approx.  640 €) is a beautiful thinline, double-cutaway semi.

The Fiorano’s body is made by routing large pockets into the front of a solid mahogany body. In contrast to Italia’s Rimini 6 or Mondial Deluxe models the Fiorano doesn’t have a full centre block, though, but features an opening in the block between the guitar’s pickups. The body is then finished by glueing on a bound spruce top.

Italia Fiorano Standard – headstock

Hard rock maple is used for the Fiorano Standard’s neck.

Italia Fiorano Standard – tuners

The modern tuning machines are embossed with the I-for-Italia logo, and work very nicely.

Italia Fiorano Standard – fretboard

The bound fretboard sports Italia’s stylish inlays, consisting of pearloid blocks and abalone dots.

Italia Fiorano Standard – body beauty 2

The Fiorano Standard’s neck is glued in at the 19th fret.

Italia Fiorano Standard – bridge

Great to see Italia using a modern version of the venerable Tune-o-Matic-bridge. The updated design does away with the annoying and ever-rattling piece of…

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