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Review: DV Mark Little Jazz + Jazz 12 – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

DV Mark Little Jazz + Jazz 12 – Soundcloud pic

Marco de Virgiliis’ company Markbass has made its mark spearheading the use of Class D power amps, which have made it possible to pack an amazing amount of output power into very small and lightweight bass amp heads. Markbass’ sister brand, DV Mark, concentrates on guitar amps, for the most part.

Markbass and DV Mark have recently changed their distributor in Finland. Their products are now distributed by Musamaailma, which celebrates its 30th year in business in 2015.

The combos in DV Mark’s Jazz series – the DV Little Jazz  (current price in Finland:393 €) and the DV Jazz 12 (462 €) – are very lightweight guitar amps, meant for professional use, and designed to concentrate solely on one thing – a top grade clean tone.



The DV Little Jazz is a surprisingly small combo in the shape of a cube…

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