Review: Akai Drive3 Fuzz – Blues Overdrive – Deluxe Distortion

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To a guitarist overdrive- and distortion-pedals are like handbags to women – you can never have too many!

No wonder, as distortions and overdrives vary widely in character and sound, while being the most important ingredients in most players’ tone.

The Akai Analog Custom Shop’s new range of effect pedals has recently arrived in Finland, which provided a handy opportunity for test-driving three of their shiny boxes.


The Akai Drive3 Fuzz (current street price in Finland: 69 €) is Akai’s stylish solution to all your fuzzy needs.

The Drive3 monicker alludes to one special treat, called up by the mini-switch on the face of the pedal: the Fuzz-pedal is equipped with two different fuzz circuits – in Warm-mode the signal is run through a diode-based circuit, while Muffy (named in honour of a certain Electro-Harmonix classic) uses an LED to break up the sound. The centre position…

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