Review: Duesenberg Dragster + Starplayer TV Outlaw


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Duesenberg Guitars is a German guitar company, who are known for their classy instruments and their ingenious improvements in many of the finer details of electric guitars and basses.

The company’s founder and creative mastermind is Dieter Gölsdorf – a true legend in his lifetime – who has been a tireless innovator in this field since the Seventies.

After a break of a few years Duesenbergs are available here in Finland again, which is a good reason to take a closer look at two of their most intriguing designs…


The flat-top Duesenberg Dragster (current street price in Finland 1,099 €) channels some of a Les Paul Junior’s spirit in supercharged form – there’s plenty of mahogany, a single pickup, a wraparound bridge and electronics with a nice little twist.

The one-piece mahogany neck is glued into the guitar’s mahogany body.

The Dragster’s headstock successfully melds Art Deco…

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