Review: Lakland Skyline 44-60 Custom

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Lakland are offering their basses in two distinct lines: The US-series comprises of instruments made completely at Lakland’s own workshop, while the Skyline-series has the woodwork and finishing performed in Indonesia. The Skyline-basses are then shipped to Chicago, where they are equipped with the electronics and set up, using human craftsmanship alongside a German PLEK-machine. tested the passive Skyline 44-60 Custom (current price in Finland: 1.599 €), which is the company’s take on the venerable Fender Jazz.

The review sample is a beautiful instrument, very carefully crafted from quality woods, hardware and passive electronics.

These very nice, licensed versions of Hipshot’s Ultra-Lite tuners keep the headstock’s weight down.

Lakland-basses tend to feature quite low and slim frets, which probably add a percussive element to the attack of each note. Some players will be concerned about how well small frets hold up to modern roundwound strings, though.


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