Review: Schecter Ultra Bass

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The GibsonThunderbird is a raunchily-voiced classic bass from the 1960s, even though its design isn’t really the most ergonomic. The “reverse” body and the resulting long neck sends the T’Bird nosediving the second you let go of its neck.

Schecter’s R&D-team set about to design a bass, which would offer all the sound of said Gibson-classic, but would also feature a much better strapped-on balance. Following this brief they came up with a beauty, called the Schecter Ultra Bass.


The Schecter Ultra Bass (current street price in Finland: 865 €), which is part of the company’s mid-priced Diamond-range, is a long-scale bass equipped with passive electronics.

The Ultra is by no means a straight T’Bird-copy, blending successfully the body’s Gibson-type treble side to a Telecaster-style bass side. The end result pleases the eye, sits comfortably in the lap, and balances rather nicely strapped-on, because the…

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