Review: AKG WMS470 Instrumental Set

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AKG WMS470 – opener

The AKG WMS470 Instrumental Set is the company’s new mid-price wireless system for guitarists and bassists. The system consists of the PT470 bodypack transmitter and the SR470 diversity receiver. The AKG WMS470 (current street price in Finland approx. 550 €) is a pro-level system offering plethora of handy features. AKG’s main focus point, however, is to ensure the highest possible reliability in all situations. The engineers have managed to couple this with an ease-of-use that makes the WMS470 Instrumental Set suitable for wireless novices, as well as seasoned pros.


AKG PT470 – front

A wireless system is always made up of a transmitter and a receiver.

The WMS470 comes with AKG’s lightweight PT470 transmitter. The Instrumental Set naturally contains the company’s special MKG L guitar lead compatible with the PT470.

For some strange reason I experienced problems with the phone plug – it wouldn’t stay put in a closed, tubular Switchcraft…

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