Review: ESP Eclipse II FM FT Distressed

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A pre-aged guitar – to some people it’s the daftest idea ever, while others think relicing imbues the instrument with its own type of charm.

But one thing is clear: artificial ageing is here to stay!

This time we will take a new-old ESP for a spin – the Eclipse II FM FT Distressed.


The ESP Eclipse II Distressed (current price in Finland: 1.889 €) is a Japanese quality instrument treated to look and feel like a 50-year-plus veteran of the stage and studio.

The rather realistic impression is achieved not only by dings, dents and scratches, but also by using a laqcuer that looks old and sunken in.

The flip side of the Eclipse II Distressed’s body has also received lots of scratches and a bout of artificial belt buckle rash. The neck, though, has been left fairly clean.

The mahogany looks scrumptious, and the finish does its…

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