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Tanglewood TU-3E – headstock VID

The humble ukulele’s popularity has been on the rise over the last few years, not least because these instruments are easy to carry around and plenty of fun to play.

This fact hasn’t gone unnoticed by British brand Tanglewood, who have recently broadened their range of ukes.


Tanglewood ukuleles – teaser

The quartet of ukes we’ve received for testing – the TU-1CE, the TU-3, the TU-3E and the TU-5 – are all part of Tanglewood’s mahogany-bodied Union-series.

Tanglewood TU-1CE – headstock

All Union-series ukuleles have mahogany necks with glued-on neck heels and headstocks.

The fingerboards have been crafted from rosewood.

Tanglewood – uke tuners VID

Tanglewood’s geared, open tuners work very well.

Tanglewood TU-3 – bridge

Ukuleles come with one of several different bridge designs, depending on the manufacturer.

Tanglewood has chosen the most practical ukulele bridge, which anchors the knotted string ends in little slots cut into the top of the bridge.

Tanglewood TU-3 – body beauty 2

All Union-series ukuleles have a sound box made from laminated…

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