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Review: Spector Legend 4 Classic + Custom


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The Legend 4 Classic and Legend 4 Custom basses are Spector Bass’ affordable, Korean versions of the company’s NS-2-bass, the famous model that Stuart Spector designed in co-operation with Ned Steinberger.


The Spector Legend 4 Classic (current RRP in Finland: 672 €) is a long-scale active bass.

The body is crafted from three pieces of maple, with its frontside spruced up with a very pretty quilted maple veneer.

The bass’ bolt-on neck is put together using three long strips of hard rock maple.

The neck joint features rounded edges for added comfort, while five screws with separate, countersunk washers make for a very precise and sturdy fit.

The pearl SSD-logo has been cleanly inlaid into the back-angled headstock.

A self-lubricating top nut makes tuning a smooth experience. The nut’s corners have been rounded – a nice upmarket touch in this price bracket.


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