Review: Boss JS-10 eBand

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The new Boss JS-10 eBand (current RRP in Finland: 422 €) is the perfect companion for all of a guitarist’s entertainment, practicing and teaching needs.

The Boss JS-10 combines a wave-/mp3-player with a high-quality multi-effects unit – chock full with amp models and effects taken from the GT-100 – two guitar inputs, special features for practicing, as well as a full-toned 2.1 loudspeaker system.

The front panel is the eBand’s command central with a very clear and concise layout.

The playback and recording functions are catered for by the usual transport buttons we all know so well. Backing tracks (the eBand calls them songs), effects and menus can be accessed via their own buttons, and then changed using the navigation buttons and the large data wheel.

The lowest row of buttons gives you quick access to the current amp model and effect chain, as well as the…

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