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Review: Boss RC-3 Loop Station

boss-rc-3-angle – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

The speed of technological progress in the field of musical equipment is simply astounding. Boss have introduced their new, extremely compact looper pedal – the RC-3 Loop Station – which offers a whopping three hours of sampling time in 44.1 kHz/16-bit linear wave-format.

One of the RC-3’s coolest features is the way the pedal instantly synchs up loops that were recorded “freehand” (without a click, that is) with its internal drum machine. Everything happens on-the-fly without missing a beat.

The Boss RC-3 can also be used to “fly in” one-shot samples into your performance. This means you could fly in a dive-bomb sample while playing a guitar solo on a stop-tail guitar, for example.


The RC-3 is a great looper with many different possible uses. Apart from looping and the flying in of sounds, one possible application could be as a sturdy playback machine for one-man acts or clinicians…

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Review: Boss JS-10 eBand

roland-js-10-eband – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


The new Boss JS-10 eBand (current RRP in Finland: 422 €) is the perfect companion for all of a guitarist’s entertainment, practicing and teaching needs.

The Boss JS-10 combines a wave-/mp3-player with a high-quality multi-effects unit – chock full with amp models and effects taken from the GT-100 – two guitar inputs, special features for practicing, as well as a full-toned 2.1 loudspeaker system.

The front panel is the eBand’s command central with a very clear and concise layout.

The playback and recording functions are catered for by the usual transport buttons we all know so well. Backing tracks (the eBand calls them songs), effects and menus can be accessed via their own buttons, and then changed using the navigation buttons and the large data wheel.

The lowest row of buttons gives you quick access to the current amp model and effect chain, as well as the…

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Review: Boss FB-2 Feedbacker/Booster

fb-2_angle_gal – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

The Boss FB-2 Feedbacker/Booster (current price in Finland: 105 €) is a specialised tool to help you achieve musical feedback at moderate volume levels. Additionally this pedal also functions as a powerful level booster. The FB-2 is a typical Boss-pedal, from the classic sturdy cast-metal casing to its four control knobs, which offer separate level controls for the booster and the feedback sections, as well as an overall tone control and the booster’s Character knob.


The booster is turned on and off by stepping shortly onto the footswitch. For feedback you need to hold the switch down continuously.

I couldn’t find any precise specifications for the amount of gain on offer here, but my educated guess would be at at least 12 dB. Apart from the different options afforded by the FB-2’s tone and Character controls, the booster’s “sound” and the way it interacts with your rig is…

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Review: Boss BR-80 Micro BR

boss-br-80-e28093-opening – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

The Boss Micro BR BR-80 is a very interesting little device packed with three different basic operating modes: It can be a full-blown digital eight-track recorder, a stereo recorder with built-in mics or a Roland eBand-compatible one-stop solution for all your practicing needs. The Boss BR-80 uses SD-HC-cards as its recording medium.

This little box of tricks is aimed mainly at guitarists, but the Micro BR offers many features that make it very useful for bass players or vocalists, too.


The Boss BR-80 (current price in Finland: 284 €) is only a little bit larger than most smartphones, but Boss have succeeded in keeping the device surprisingly easy to use, regardless of its feature-packed nature.

The Micro BR’s transport buttons have been placed at the bottom of the front panel, between the built-in stereo condenser microphones. Left of the display you’ll find access to the unit’s three operating modes  –…

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Review: Boss BC-2 Combo Drive

bc-2_angle_gal – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


The legendary Vox AC30 was the first successful British guitar amplifier.

Originally the 2 x 12 -combo had been designed especially for The Shadows, aiming at a louder and cleaner tone than what their old AC15s could provide. It didn’t take long, though, for experimentally inclined guitarists to realise they could get nicely toasted drive sounds out of the amp, especially when using a distortion- or treble booster -pedal in front of the combo.

In addition to the Shadows, famous AC30-users are (or have been) The Beatles, The Kinks, Queen, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty and U2’s The Edge.

The famous combo’s greatest drawback – in its original guise – is the lack of a master volume control, meaning meaty, overdriven tones only could be had at great volume.

Luckily, these days we have the wonders of digital amp modelling at our disposal, which means classic tones without the need…

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