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First View: LTD SCT-607B Stephen Carpenter Signature


ESP LTD SCT-607B – beauty 2


Review: LTD MH-330FR + ESP Horizon FR-II SD


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ESP Guitars offer plenty of different guitar models for the modern Wunder-widdler. The most classic of these is probably the Horizon – a typical Superstr*t featuring two humbuckers and a Floyd Rose -bridge. selected two Horizons for this review:

The LTD MH-330FR, which comes with two active ESP-pickups…

…as well as the pukka ESP Horizon FR-II SD equipped with a pair of Seymour Duncans.


The LTD MH-330FR (current price in Finland:489 €) is a sleek and stylish piece of work, with the Electric Blue finish adding its own bit of panache.

The same cool finish is also applied to the maple neck and the back of the mahogany body.

All of the MH-330FR’s hardware comes in black nickel, which shines in a smoky, dark-greyish way.

The capsuled Gotoh-style tuners are of decent quality. A volute strengthens the area underneath the top nut to…

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Review: ESP Eclipse II FM FT Distressed

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A pre-aged guitar – to some people it’s the daftest idea ever, while others think relicing imbues the instrument with its own type of charm.

But one thing is clear: artificial ageing is here to stay!

This time we will take a new-old ESP for a spin – the Eclipse II FM FT Distressed.


The ESP Eclipse II Distressed (current price in Finland: 1.889 €) is a Japanese quality instrument treated to look and feel like a 50-year-plus veteran of the stage and studio.

The rather realistic impression is achieved not only by dings, dents and scratches, but also by using a laqcuer that looks old and sunken in.

The flip side of the Eclipse II Distressed’s body has also received lots of scratches and a bout of artificial belt buckle rash. The neck, though, has been left fairly clean.

The mahogany looks scrumptious, and the finish does its…

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Review: ESP Eclipse-I CTM

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ESP‘s Eclipse is one of the company’s most successful models, because it fuses effortlessly a classic outline with modern features.

The ESP Eclipse is available in many different variations, of which the ESP Eclipse-I CTM (current price in Finland: 1.668 €) is the series’ equivalent to the venerable Gibson Les Paul Custom.

A matte-black finish with a yellow-ish overcoat, multi-laminated binding, gold-coloured hardware, an ebony fretboard with large pearloid inlays, as well as a pair of EMG-pickups endow the Eclipse-I CTM with an extremely stylish look. This Japanese guitar is sold in its own high-quality case.

Sound-fetishists will be more than happy about the ESP’s genuine bone nut, as well as the vintage-style truss rod. This type of truss rod requires a much narrower rout compared to many modern designs, and removing less of the neck’s mahogany will most likely result in a fuller-bodied tone and stronger attack.

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