Review: Roland G-5 VG-Stratocaster

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Roland’s brand-new G-5 VG-Stratocaster (current RRP in Finland: 1.583 €) is the result of Roland’s and Fender’s cooperation. The guitar offers the player the genuine “Stratocaster Experience”, as well as a wide variety of built-in, digitally modelled  guitar tones and virtual tunings.

From the front the Hecho-en-Mexico G-5 VG-Stratocaster differs only slightly from your basic Strat. Only the bright blue status LED, as well as the two small black rotary switches, hint at the digitally souped-up nature of this electric guitar.

The VG-Strat’s back sports two additional cavities on the back of its alder body. The larger one holds all the digital shenanigans (courtesy of Roland), while the smaller one is the battery compartment.

The G-5 uses an up-to-date Stratocaster-neck, which allows for truss rod adjustment from the headstock end.

The sealed Fender-tuners are a quality touch.

The neck joint, on the other hand, is executed in the most…

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