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Duesenberg D-Bass – D-badge

German maker Duesenberg is known for its high-quality guitars and basses, that combine seamlessly Art Deco-chic and ingenious improvements in many details, such as the hardware and electronics departments.

The Duesenberg D-Bass is a good example of this, promising both P- and J-style tones from a passive, one-pickup instrument.


Duesenberg D-Bass – full front 2

The Duesenberg D-Bass (current price in Finland: 1.729,90 €) proves that you can build a bass from classic tonewoods without having to resort to copying others.

This is a four-string, passive bass, built using a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard mated to a bound alder body. The top of the body sports elegant carving.

Duesenberg D-Bass – full back 2

The generous rib cage bevel adds a great deal of comfort to the D-Bass.

The body comes in a fetching gloss finish, while the neck has received a thin, vintage-tinted satin finish.

Duesenberg D-Bass – headstock

I feel that Duesenberg’s three step headstock looks…

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