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od-1x + DS-1x

Boss unveiled two Special Edition pedals at NAMM 2014. These new stompboxes are updates on two classic Boss-models, and are called the OD-1X Overdrive and the DS-1X Distortion. These deluxe versions promise more gain, a tighter attack, and an even more versatile EQ-section.



What is the difference between a fuzz, an overdrive and a distortion?

The fuzz pedal is the granddaddy of everything “brang”, and it works in a rather neanderthal way, by means of brutal transistor overload. The resulting tone of transistors clipping sounds quite edgy and fuzzy (hence the name), and tends to work much better on solos and riffs, than it does on chords. A good early example would be the memorable riff on the Rolling Stones’ hit “Satisfaction“.

The terms “overdrive” and “distortion” describe effects that try to mimick the way tube amp distortion sounds. In the beginning both terms were used as…

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