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Digitech Hardwire Supernatural – angled w LED

Digitech’s new Hardwire Supernatural reverb pedal lays seven genuine Lexicon-reverb algorithms at your feet.


Digitech Hardwire Supernatural – top view

The Hardwire Supernatural (Finnish street price approx. 140 €) is Digitech’s newest digital reverb in pedal form.

The pedal sports three controls:

Mix is used for setting the mix of the dry and wet signals in the output. Liveliness lets you adjust the reverb’s treble content and brilliancy. The length of the delay is controlled using the Decay-knob.

The Supernatural can be used monophonically (mono signal in –> mono signal out), as well as in stereo (mono or stereo signal in –> stereo signal out). The pedal automatically detects which jacks are used at any given time and puts itself into the correct mode of operation accordingly.

Digitech Hardwire Supernatural – Stomplock

In addition to the manual, the box also includes a glow-in-the-dark sticker to put on the switch, Hardwire’s Stomplock rubber cover (which protects the controls…

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