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The new Roland Cube-10GX approaches the company’s popular Cube-concept from a slightly different angle.



The 10-watts Roland Cube-10GX (Finnish price approx. 125 €) slots into the model range right between the 3-watt Micro Cube GX and the 20-wattCube-20GX combo.

Despite its very affordable price, the 10GX is built as sturdily as the larger Cube models, featuring chunky corner protectors, and the metal grille typical of this series.

An eight-inch speaker has been installed into the closed-back, front-ported cabinet.


The backpanel sports connections for DC In (the PSU comes included), Aux In, as well as a combined line level output/headphones jack.


The Cube-10GX combo’s architecture differs somewhat from the rest of the GX-models:

The 10GX doesn’t feature a built-in tuner or an i-Cube-Link, like the rest of the GX-models, but offers a much more open way of offering its COSM-generated amp models.


The Cube-10GX lets…

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