Review: Markbass Mini CMD 121P + CMD Jeff Berlin Players School – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

This time takes a look at two different Markbass bass combos – one is already a bona fide classic, while the other is a brand new, affordably-priced signature model.


Markbass Mini CMD 121P – front

The Markbass Mini CMD 121P (current price in Finland: 799 €) is one of the company’s best-selling combos, as it manages to put all of Markbass’ trademark features into a compact, hard-to-beat package.

The Mini CMD 121P comes loaded with a lightweight, but powerful 12-inch neodymium speaker with Markbass’ cool yellow cone, as well as a piezo tweeter in the top right corner.

Markbass Mini CMD 121P – back

The back-ported cabinet is covered in a hard-wearing carpet style exterior, and comes equipped with sturdy plastic corner protectors.

Markbass Mini CMD 121P – top

The whole combo measures only 38 x 43 x 36 centimetres (w x h x d) and weighs in at just above 13 kilos, which makes it easy to carry around by its single top…

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