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Review: Yamaha THR5A, THR10C and THR10X – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Yamaha – New THR-amps

Yamaha’s popular series of THR practice amps has recently got three new members:

The brass-metallic coloured THR5A is a 5 Watts combo aimed specifically at electroacoustic guitars, and features digital microphone modelling, amongst other things.

The regular Yamaha THR10 has now gotten two sister models. The black THR10C concentrates on “classic” and “boutique” tones to satisfy the friends of classic Sixties and Seventies Rock and Blues. The army-green THR10X is aimed squarely at the connoisseurs of all things hard and heavy, concentrating on Hard Rock-, Metal- and Thrash-tones.


The main design concept is uniform across the THR-range:

Yamaha THR10X – side view

All combos have a sturdy metal chassis with plastic sides. The overall design clearly takes a lot of cues from today’s high-end tube Hi-Fi gear.

All THRs come equipped with a digital tuner.

Yamaha THR5A – back view

All of the small amps feature a built-in USB-soundcard, which can be utilised for recording purposes (Steinberg’s Cubase…

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Review: Tanglewood T6

tanglewood-t6-e28093-control-panel – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


A dedicated amplifier for acoustic guitar opens up plenty of interesting possibilities: most small pub gigs won’t require a PA-system anymore, because the majority of acoustic combos are equipped with a second input channel for a microphone. For larger gigs you can assign the acoustic combo to monitoring duties, putting yourself in full control over your stage sound, and then feeding your signal on to the FOH mixer.


The Tanglewood T6 (current price in Finland: 396 €) is a very compact, two-channel combo, pumping out 60 Watts of power through an 8-inch speaker. The T6 weighs a mere 11 kilos, and is very easy to transport thanks to the nice gigbag that comes with the amp.

The Tanglewood feels rugged enough for regular gigging, with its cabinet covered in textured nylon. A fat foam grille protects the speaker.

The T6’s first channel is meant for use with…

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Review: Roland AC-33RW

ac-33-rw_angle_2_gal – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog



Roland’s AC-33RW (current price in Finland: 467 €) is the new sister model to the all-black AC-33. The acoustic combo is finished in a faux-rosewood finish – the same kind as seen on many pieces of furniture.


The AC-33RW is the company’s smallest amplifier for acoustic guitar and vocal. It can be plugged into a wall socket, using the power adapter included with the amp. Alternatively, the AC-33 also runs on eight AA-size batteries, giving you somewhere between eight and nine hours of continuous use (depending on the type of battery used).

The AC-33RW weighs only a little over four and a half kilos, but is still able to dish out a whopping 30 Watts of power (20 W, if run on batteries)! The cabinet comes equipped with a pair of five-inch speakers, with a bass reflex port placed between them.


There are two channels on offer…

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