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Review: Blackstar ID:60TVP

blackstar-id60-tvp-e28093-opener – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Blackstar ID60 TVP – opener

At last year’s Frankfurt Musikmesse Blackstar launched their ID-series of programmable guitar amps. Now these amps are finally available in Finland.

The new series is a first in Blackstar’s product range – guitar amps without any valves. These are the company’s first digital modelling amps, and Blackstar being Blackstar, they’ve come up with a couple of exciting new features for the occasion.


Blackstar ID60 TVP – full front

The Blackstar ID:60TVP (current price in Finland: 499 €) is a mid-size, 60 Watt guitar amp, equipped with a single 12-inch speaker.

Blackstar ID60 TVP – side view

The compact combo’s cabinet is covered in a black, leather-like vinyl, and sports black plastic corner protectors.

Blackstar ID60 TVP – full back

The ID:60TVP’s back is almost completely closed, which no doubt helps with achieving authentic stack tones.

Blackstar ID60 TVP – Blackbird 70 speaker

Blackstar use their own Blackbird-series speakers for the ID-series, which are made under license in China, just like the amps themselves.

Blackstar ID60 TVP – top handle

One downside to valve amplifiers has always been their…

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First View: Blackstar ID:60 TVP

Blackstar ID60 TVP – opener – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog


Blackstar ID60 TVP – opener


Testi ilmestyy perjantaina!

A review will come out soon!

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Review: Blackstar HT Club 50 and HTV-412A

blackstar-ht-club-50-htv-412a – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

Blackstar is one of the hottest guitar amp companies around at the moment. Their first Series One -heads have found their way into many a professional’s back line, due to their muscular tone and extreme versatility. Their more recent sweet little HT-5 and HT-1 combos can already be found in many studios and living-rooms around the globe.

New from Blackstar comes the HT-Venue-range. This series promises to offer more affordable amps that still aim to give you the full “Blackstar Experience”.

**** got the 50 Watts HT Club 50 head (current price in Finland: 591 €), as well as the Celestion-equipped HTV-412A cabinet (current price in Finland: 435 €) for reviewing.

The whole Blackstar range is engineered in the UK, but built in South Korea. The Venue-half-stack looks very stylish, with somewhat more of a vintage-type charm compared to Series One models.

Workmanship is top-notch…

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Review: Blackstar HT Club 40

blackstar-ht-club-40-e28093-full-front – Finland's premier Guitar and Bass blog

British company Blackstar Amplification have earned a reputation for producing versatile, reliable, no-nonsense valve amplifiers for the modern player. Their ever-growing roster of endorsers from a wide variety of different musical styles is an irrefutable testament to this.

This time Kitarablogi will take a closer look at the Blackstar HT Club 40 combo (current price in Finland 694 €), which looks like the perfect workhorse for the gigging guitarist.


As indicated by its name, the Blackstar HT Club 40 is a 40-Watt valve combo. The preamp is designed around two ECC83-valves, while the power amp uses a pair of EL34s.

This made-in-China combo is a two-channel affair and comes equipped with a single 12-inch speaker.

One of Blackstar’s trademarks is the clean and crisp, unfussy look – the HT Club 40 means business, and it’s ready to go.

This mid-sized combo weighs in at about 24 kilos…

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