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Review: EBS Classic Session 30

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EBS Sweden’s latest product – the Session 30 – is the company’s smallest bass combo to date, and meant for practicing, recording and home use.


The diminutive and lightweight EBS Classic Session 30 (current price in Finland approx. 169 €) is part of EBS’ Made-in-China Classic-series.

As its name suggests, the Session 30 offers 30 Watts of rms-power.

Its eight-inch speaker sits in a front-ported baffle. The stylish grille cloth is attached in a traditional way using velcro.

The combo’s back is fully closed. EBS have added a separate grounding point next to the power connector, which may come in handy in the studio for combatting mains hum.

The Session 30 weighs just under nine kilos, so it is very easy to carry around by its top handle.

The control panel comprises of four control knobs – with a peak indicator next to the gain control.

For practicing…

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Review: EBS Reidmar + CL112

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One of the new products at the EBS-stand in Frankfurt this year was a compact-yet-powerful bass amp called Reidmar. managed to get hold of a Reidmar RD250, as well as a Classic Line -series CL112-cabinet for this review.


Both the Reidmar-head, as well as the Classic Line -series of cabinets have been designed and engineered in Sweden, but are being produced cost-effectively in China.

The EBS Reidmar (current street price in Finland: 469 €) runs a Class D power amp with 250 Watts of output at 4 Ohms. Because Class D amps run extremely energy-efficiently, there’s no need for large and heavy cooling ribs, which is why such amps can be much more compact than a traditional amplifier of the same power rating. EBS’s Reidmar weighs in at a mere 3.2 kilos, and fits easily into a compact backpack.

The good guys at…

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