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Review: Warwick BC 40 and BC 150 bass combos


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Warwick’s new BC-series of bass combo amps is a fruit of their collaboration with Swedish bassist Jonas Hellborg. The basic idea was to transplant as many of the innovations of the top class Hellborg-series into a range of less expensive Warwick amps.


The Warwick BC-40 (current price in Finland:170 €) comes from the smaller end of the BC-range. This 40-watter comes loaded with a 10-inch speaker and a two-inch treble horn.

The Chinese combo is sturdily built – the carpet-covered cabinet will surely take some knocks without any negative effects, and the speakers are well protected by a chunky metal grille.

The BC 40’s power switch and power cord connector have been placed in a surprising spot, near the bottom of the combo’s back wall. This isn’t Warwick trying to make life difficult for us bassists – quite the contrary! By placing the power transformers…

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Review: Orange Terror Bass TB500C-212

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Orange Amplification have a long and illustrious tradition in the building of guitar and bass amplifiers, a fact that shows in many of the company’s current products.

But that doesn’t mean that Orange are a backward-facing company – far from it. The brand-new Terror Bass combo, for example, is very much a contemporary product – a compact, yet powerful valve-hybrid amp.


The Orange Terror Bass TB500C-212 (current RRP in Finland: 994 €) melds the company’s 500-Watt BT-500H-head with their 2 x 12″ SP-212-cabinet.

The Orange TB500C is a valve-hybrid amplifier, which in this case means that its preamp section is powered by two 12AX7 valves. The tubes imbue the combo with a warm basic tonality, nicely seasoned with mild and organic compression. I’d also wager that a bit of overdrive will be on the menu at some point.

The power amp, on the other hand…

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Review: EBS Classic Session 30

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EBS Sweden’s latest product – the Session 30 – is the company’s smallest bass combo to date, and meant for practicing, recording and home use.


The diminutive and lightweight EBS Classic Session 30 (current price in Finland approx. 169 €) is part of EBS’ Made-in-China Classic-series.

As its name suggests, the Session 30 offers 30 Watts of rms-power.

Its eight-inch speaker sits in a front-ported baffle. The stylish grille cloth is attached in a traditional way using velcro.

The combo’s back is fully closed. EBS have added a separate grounding point next to the power connector, which may come in handy in the studio for combatting mains hum.

The Session 30 weighs just under nine kilos, so it is very easy to carry around by its top handle.

The control panel comprises of four control knobs – with a peak indicator next to the gain control.

For practicing…

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