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Review: Marshall Custom JTM1 Offset

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Marshall Custom Offset – teaser

Last year Marshall celebrated their 50th anniversary by releasing a whole range of limited-edition one-watt combos and half-stacks.

Now we’re in for a cool reprise, as Marshall announced a limited edition of 1,111 of a Custom Offset half-stack in Frankfurt earlier this year. The Custom Offset is based on their JTM1 50th Anniversary amp.

A couple of these rare amps even made it to Finland. managed to get hold of one half-stack for a quick review.


Marshall Offset – full front

The Marshall Custom JTM1 Offset (price in Finland approx 1,000 €) takes the JTM1 as its starting point, but takes the concept even further down the vintage road to give the Custom Offset the look the company’s first batch of JTM45 models. There’s the famous light grey/beige grille cloth, and the offset control panel, which has given this amp its name.

Marshall Offset – full back

As can be expected at this price…

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Review: Marshall JTM1C + JMP1C


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Marshall Amplification celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. To honour the occasion the company is releasing five small anniversary models, produced in limited numbers. Each model of these one-Watt all-valve heads and combos has been designed to represent one era in Marshall-history, both in looks and in sound. had the pleasure to review the Sixties and Seventies combos – the JTM1C and JMP1C.


The JTM1C-combo (current street price in Finland approximately 700 €) nails the look of early JTM-models perfectly. Just like the famous Bluesbreaker-combo, the JTM1C sports a golden nameplate with the old-style block lettering and the famous salt-and-pepper grille cloth of yore.

Valve purists will be delighted at the sight of just one volume- and one tone-control – nothing stands in the way of pure tone.

Even though the anniversary models aren’t wired point-to-point in the vintage style, the electronic…

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