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ESP USA Eclipse – case

This time we have something very special to feast your eyes on!

Many people may not know this, but ESP Guitars also runs its own, small West Coast workshop in California. Apart from building one-offs for ESP artists and collectors, ESP USA also produces a couple of their own models in very limited numbers. Currently, production stands at about 20 guitars per month. has been lucky to get to take one of these guitars for a spin – the ESP USA Eclipse.


ESP USA Eclipse – full front

The ESP USA Eclipse (current price in Finland: 3.939 €) is the company’s ultimate version of their popular Eclipse model, using only the best materials and production methods.

ESP USA Eclipse – neck joint

One of the USA Eclipse’s special features is the ESP Set-Thru-Neck, which aims to combine the best attributes of a traditional set neck with the tonal advantages of a through-neck.

ESP’s Set-Through-Neck is basically a…

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