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Review: Boss BC-2 Combo Drive

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The legendary Vox AC30 was the first successful British guitar amplifier.

Originally the 2 x 12 -combo had been designed especially for The Shadows, aiming at a louder and cleaner tone than what their old AC15s could provide. It didn’t take long, though, for experimentally inclined guitarists to realise they could get nicely toasted drive sounds out of the amp, especially when using a distortion- or treble booster -pedal in front of the combo.

In addition to the Shadows, famous AC30-users are (or have been) The Beatles, The Kinks, Queen, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty and U2’s The Edge.

The famous combo’s greatest drawback – in its original guise – is the lack of a master volume control, meaning meaty, overdriven tones only could be had at great volume.

Luckily, these days we have the wonders of digital amp modelling at our disposal, which means classic tones without the need…

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Review: Akai Drive3 Fuzz – Blues Overdrive – Deluxe Distortion

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To a guitarist overdrive- and distortion-pedals are like handbags to women – you can never have too many!

No wonder, as distortions and overdrives vary widely in character and sound, while being the most important ingredients in most players’ tone.

The Akai Analog Custom Shop’s new range of effect pedals has recently arrived in Finland, which provided a handy opportunity for test-driving three of their shiny boxes.


The Akai Drive3 Fuzz (current street price in Finland: 69 €) is Akai’s stylish solution to all your fuzzy needs.

The Drive3 monicker alludes to one special treat, called up by the mini-switch on the face of the pedal: the Fuzz-pedal is equipped with two different fuzz circuits – in Warm-mode the signal is run through a diode-based circuit, while Muffy (named in honour of a certain Electro-Harmonix classic) uses an LED to break up the sound. The centre position…

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Review: Akai Chorus and Analog Delay

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A chorus effect is produced by splitting a signal in two, and then slightly delaying one half (by less than 50 ms) and adding a tad cyclical pitch modulation to it. At the output both the dry and the effected half are summed, resulting in a lush, shimmering effect, which at times may even sound like two instruments playing at once.

The Akai Chorus (current street price in Finland: 69 €) is an old-school analogue effect. This pedal doesn’t use A/D-converters and digital processing, deriving its tones instead from a good old condenser circuit, as well as an analogue LFO. Most anoraks feel that this is the only way to fly when it comes to chorus-pedals, even if an analogue chorus always tends to contain a tiny amount of hiss, not found in modern digital equivalents.

As with all Akai Analog Custom Shop -pedals, the Chorus also…

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